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I caved. Here's a Friends Only bio.

I have M.E. Read this before you say anything to me about it. Thank you.

This is a friends page drama free zone. Add me, drop me, comment or not I'll not take offence. This is LJ, not life. Life's far less important ;-P I am a support volunteer (currently on hiatus). If you're here because you are too and you're wondering if I'll be offended if you add me, then please just add me you don't need to ask or feel shy about it. I may not add you back at once, but when I notice you're here I probably will. If you are legally a minor in your country of residence, then please tell me. I routinely filter any posts which contain anything not suitable for a minor to view.


If you find I've taken you off my Flist it's probably because you posted a meme without an lj-cut that broke my friends page. I'll add you back in 12 hours or so when your post drops off the first page of my friends page. I won't tell you what to post or not post or how to post in your journal, but I do reserve the right to an unbroken friends page.

My contact information is posted custom filtered to those who need it HERE. If the need to use it should ever arise I am certain it will be found by the right people. If you need access and can't see the post drop me an email. If you feel like stalking me, please remember we have two loud dogs here. Good luck getting past them.

I change moodthemes like I change socks at the moment. I just uploaded a new one, it's yet another Alan Rickman one. Credit for this one goes to fiverly and the odd bit of tweaking of certain pics is my own.

Forgive me please. Let me off for having just one. I had to cave in the end. It's not that bad really. Anyway it's my userinfo page - you don't have to look at it. Speaking of which why are you looking at it? OMG mad stalker! Oh noes!

Alan Rickman is ALWAYS Love. In Memoriam.

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