I've decided to spec 'pure heals' rather than the new atonement smite spec, and as I'm just starting to raid now I think I've had enough experience to pass on how I'm managing. If you're a tank or dps, then reading this might just open your eyes as to why your Disc Priest likes to have a full mana bar before every pull now, please don't complain about it, and don't rush us, we're poor mana starved souls. Pulling a mob when we have no mana is tantamount to stealing your aggro and attacking the cc'd mob.

It's all about mana conservation )

Healing is often a thankless task, especially while trawling Dugeon Finder for rep or gear. Remember that the goal is getting to the point where it feals easy again, and at 350 average item level - not epic, no where near the top players in the world - I'm beginning to find it easy again, getting to the point where my heart isn't in my mouth when I hit 'join queue'. I have had some horribly bad PUGs this last few months, groups that wellied in like they were in wrath and blamed me when we wiped, groups that were very undergeared even at the level check, groups that struggled to beat the tank in dps. On the other hand I have had groups that were a dream, tanks new to Cata tanking that worked with me and even at a low gear level got us through because they understood the tactics of fights. Dps who picked up the slack and danced around the fire instead of standing in it saying 'herp derp'.

We heal because we love it, a unique role in the game. Don't let the new challenges of healing take the fun of it away, keep having fun. And the bad PUG's? Just ignore them,  Elune have mercy on your  weakened soul.  For every time you get called a noob healer when it wasn't your fault remember there will be more times when they turn to you and say 'great heals there'.



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