We're into Dragon Soul Heroics with the guild now, the guild is 3/8 HC and I'm 2/8 having finally (by the skin of our two-healing teeth) downed Ultraxion HC last night. I got into discussion with two guildies over mumble who are up and coming Priest healers about the advantages and disadvantages of 'lolsmite' heals.

I agree that atonement healing has it's place in some fights, especially where you have a damage multiplier (Zon’ozz) as part of the fight mechanic. More damage = bigger atonement heals. Win. More and more top guilds are running their disc healers with some form of atonement spec say my guildies, so it must be the way to go especially when you're up against a tight enrage timer. I specced into the latest recommended smite build and went into a LFR late last night to have another go at it.
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As healers all we can ever do is our best.

Go here for Atonement is shiny balanced PoV

Also 4.3 stat weights and why I'm loathing my current mastery high stats I couldn't have put it better myself. Mastery is just a bad, bad stat for what we're being asked to do as disc. Haste is better whether you're AA or pure heals. Derevka plays the same pure heals primary spec that I do, and a very similar AA build, and heals in a similar style.

*I have one job on this lousy ship, it's stupid, but I'm going to do it. OK?


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