Leveling as a discipline priest isn't easy, it's a lot of fun though now we have dungeon finder and it is a viable spec from a very early level. This is the information I wished I could find when trying to level my baby priest through the dungeon finder.

The first thing to remember is that Discipline priests have an advantage over every other healing spec while leveling and that is that we mitigate damage before it hits with our bubbles. Before the tank pulls bubble him and apply prayer of mending if you have it, renew if you don't. Then watch your dps and bubble anyone who starts to take damage. Pre lvl 80 you can't shield spam without going out of mana pretty quickly so use your shields intelligently. If you pull aggro hit fade. If your bubble gets wiped off the tank and weakened soul is up then spam flash heal and/or a renew until it falls off then bubble again. Watch your mana. You can catch up by pre-shielding the tank and then drinking before he pulls and only stopping when he starts to take damage. Make sure the tank isn't getting out of range or line of sight though.

Ignore anyone that tells you that pre-shielding the tank reduces their aggro or rage regeneration - it's just not true. Ghostcrawler says that anyone who tells you that you're wrong to bubble is 'doing it wrong' and that you have his permission to tell them so. The only problem you may encounter at lower levels is mana regen in Paladin tanks, but if they ask you not to shield you can tell them that they have ways of getting round mana regen when working with a disc priest and asking you not to shield is like asking them to tank without taunting. Shields are what you do best. Sing the song with me 'I'm forever spamming bubbles, pretty bubbles on the tank...'

You need glyph of power word shield as soon as you can get it, as it gives you a nice heal when you bubble which may be enough to top off any damage taken before you can hit with a shield. Glyph of flash heal is another no-brainer and you will certainly want Glyph of penance as soon as you can. Minor Glyphs aren't as important, I have Shadowfiend and shadow protection and levitate.

When looking at talent points you need to be aiming for something along the lines of This Build . You need to go far enough into the Holy tree to pick up inspiration but how you get there really is up to you. I'd think long and hard about changing anything in the Discipline tree from that build though because you really do want everything that you can get deep in that talent tree.

Gearing as a disc priest is pretty simple. You want caster cloth that has no hit on it. Healing spells always hit. Spell power is your best stat, followed by intellect, crit and spirit/mana regen. Haste becomes important after level 80 when you've no mana issues, but you'll find that gear tends to provide enough. Gem for spell power and intellect. Use only as many gems as you need to activate your meta gem and stack spell power first adding intellect gems if you have mana issues. I recommend using wow-heroes to see what enchants you need on your gear and where to get upgrades to the gear you have.

I suggest that you use the addon healbot continued from a very early level. It makes healing so much easier. As soon as you start on higher level content Deadly boss mods becomes a must have. Recount with guessed absorbs and omen are other useful tools.

Of course all this will change as soon as Cataclysm builds come in. The best place to see the latest information on talent changes and build recommendations is the Elitist Jerks Priest forums at the moment Disc and Holy priests have a joint thread, but that might change.

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